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RESULTS Success Stories

Refinery Sales Tax Audit

chemicalDidier was asked to review the state audit of a refinery for potential audit reductions. There were no overpayments listed in the schedules, so every transaction listed in the audit schedules was reviewed to determine whether tax was actually owed. In addition to reviewing for audit reductions, Didier reviewed for overpayment opportunities. Didier’s audit reductions and overpayment items resulted in a $9,500,000 savings for the taxpayer.

Chemical Plant Audit

environmentDidier was asked to review the parish audit of a chemical plant. Originally, the plant was assessed $430,000. There were no overpayments listed in the schedules, and every invoice was reviewed for the audit period to determine if there were any overpayments of tax. In addition, every invoice listed in the audit schedules was reviewed to determine whether tax was actually owed. After the review, Didier was able to get the assessment reduced to $87,000. This resulted in a savings to the taxpayer of $343,000.

Service Company Sales Tax Audit

salesDidier was called to review an assessment issued for $36,000 after a parish audit for a service company. Didier reviewed all invoices for overpayments and all audit invoices for adjustments. In one particular area, we found that the company had paid tax when none was due. The jurisdiction agreed, and the net result of the audit was a $28,000 refund to the taxpayer, a savings of 80%.

Hospital Tax Payments

hospitalAn area hospital contracted us to determine if its system was paying the proper amount of tax owed. All invoices for the open period were reviewed for overpayments and underpayments, and we discovered that some overpayments were made. The jurisdiction agreed and refunded the overpayments to the hospital in the amount of $400,000 plus interest.


Company  and Organization Specific Training

Didier Consultants, Inc. has knowledgeable speakers with a extensive background in Sales & Use Tax, and Tax Incentives that come onsite to your Company/Organization to host specialized training to fit your needs. We can keep your company up to par on all Legislative rules and regulations. The Tax Incentive staff can keep you informed of the Incentive Programs offered through Louisiana Economic Development.

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