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If you are even thinking about expanding your operation in Louisiana, contact us about potential tax credits or sales tax opportunities in Louisiana.

May times companies hire employees or make capital investments in Louisiana and are not aware of the potential savings that are available. Unlike other states, most of these opportunities are not retroactive and must be secured prior to the event.

Contact Didier Consultants for more information on how we can assist your company in making the most of your investment or hiring decisions.

Didier Consultants Inc. Congratulates Timmy Hulin, CMI for receiving IPT’s Instructor of the Year Award

IPT Sales Tax Instructor of The Year Award

Timmy has over 30 years of experience in the area of sales and use tax. He is a frequent speaker on Louisiana sales tax and has taught at the Institute of Professionals in Taxation as he says “for many years”. We applaud his dedication to client service and enthusiasm in sharing his tax knowledge.

Congratulations Timmy, We are proud of you.