Tax Incentives

Tax Incentive Programs are offered in most states for new and existing companies that are expanding and creating job opportunities.  The incentives are typically in the form of sales and use tax rebates, tax credits, and tax exemptions.  Didier Consultants, Inc.  offers  assistance in the administration of these programs.  Companies have lost as much as 10-20% of the anticipated tax benefit because they underestimate the detailed nature of the process.

Didier Consultants, Inc. provides to our clients:

  • A dedicated staff experienced in the administration of the Tax Incentive Programs.
  • A detailed knowledge of the rules and regulations that govern the programs
  • An excellent working relationship with the agencies and individuals who coordinate the Tax Incentive Programs.
  • A focus and expertise in sales tax issues; this is very valuable to the process because such a large portion of the benefit relates to the state and local sales tax rebates.

Our dedication, expertise, focus, and knowledge have not only increased the financial benefit of the Tax Incentive Programs for our clients but also given them the opportunity to use their in-house resources for other projects.  Didier Consultants, Inc.  has assisted clients with the Enterprise Zone  Program, Quality Jobs Program, Industrial Tax Exemption, Industry Assistance, Tax Equalization Programs, Restoration Tax Abatement, EDAP Award, Training Grants and other programs designed to give our clients financial assistance in the expansion of their business.