Sales & Use Tax Compliance Work

Refunds (Credits)

Didier will review the records for overpayments of tax to both state and local governments.  We then prepare schedules and request refunds with the client’s permission.  For refund determinations without an audit, liabilities will also be quantified so an informed decision can be made going forward.

Audit Review/Defense

We review each invoice in the audit for total or partial adjustment, present the documented findings to the auditor, along with schedules and invoice copies, and discuss the finding with the administrator if the auditor does not agree.  A refund review will also be performed to include overpayments with any underpayments for interest and penalty computations.

Managed Audits

These are audits that are performed by the taxpayer or using Didier as a representative with assistance and under the supervision of the jurisdiction.  A managed audit  is voluntary on the taxpayer’s part with a signed agreement between the parties.  Penalty and at least a portion of the interest will be relieved on the assessment amounts.


We review all your invoices for correctness of tax paid to vendors or accruals and prepare a report on any changes.  Didier can also review all invoices and prepare a report of what invoices and amounts should be included on the returns.

Direct Pay Permits

Changes in the law have reduced the criteria for companies, making it easier to qualify for Direct Pay status.  A properly administered Direct Pay Permit can be financially lucrative under the current law, and Didier can help administer your permit effectively.


Didier will review the sales, payables and returns to determine the degree of compliance with the sales/use tax laws.  A written report and tax matrix will be provided at the conclusion of the review.


Didier can provide virtual consulting by being available to research and answer any questions a client might have.  All questions will be answered within 24 hours of receipt.  Credit for the fee will be given if Didier is involved or will be involved in an audit or credit review.

Is your company under audit by the state or parish for sales tax compliance?   Have you been assessed?   BEFORE you pay the audit assessment check with US!  Your company may be entitled to a REFUND.